Monday, April 10, 2017

Totems Show opening April 23rd

Totems Show opening this Saturday at Confluence Gallery. Here is a sneek peek.

"For Jane"  - mixed media on canvas. This painting is for Jane Goodall.

"Raven's Gift" - oil painting below.

"Spirit of Nature" - Below. Mixed media & acrylic. Was featured on Totems show poster.

Gaia Show - Confluence Gallery 2017

Gaia Show 2017
Gaia's Garden Neck piece, shown below, at the Confluence Gallery, Twisp WA. This piece didn't sell so it will be posted on my ETSY site. Makes you feel amazing when you put it on! or follow me on FB

Cedar bark - small pouch and Douglas Fir folded pocket, below, on display at Confluence.